Is Sugar Really Addictive?

Most of us have heard the good advice that we need to eat less sugar – and rightly so. However, despite the numerous warnings by health authorities of the ill effects of sugar, the majority of the population is still consuming sugar on a daily basis in some form or other. “Sugar” is both a broad category and a misleading one. Let’s examine it for our health’s sake.

We do not have to consume white, refined sugar to be consuming sugar.

Sugar includes:

  •  glucose, fructose (as in fruit sugar)
  • lactose (as in milk)
  •  sucrose (as in table sugar)
  • maltose or malts (as in rice malt and honey)
  •  jam (contains concentrated juice, which is high in fruit sugar)
  •  maple syrup
  • corn syrup
  • palm sugar (traditionally used in macrobiotic cooking) and
  • organic brown sugar.
  • alcohol

All of these sugars are problematic in many different ways.

To read the rest of this article, read fitness expert, Nicki Andrews’ article, “Is Sugar the New Cocaine”  on her website.

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Nicki Andrews’ Imagine, Dream Inspire website.  Nicki has educated the masses, especially women, on the importance of fitness and providing the necessary resources for her clients to change their bodies and their lives. She has made a positive impact on those she has trained for the past eight years.

Nicki has appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, and Good Day New York where she has showcased valuable information. She holds certification with AFAA, Madd Dogg, and ISCA


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