The Sistas’ Client of the Month

December 2011
Donna Clinton, Arbonne Sistas’ Client of the Month

I was first introduced to the Advanced Corrective Eye Cream from the RE9 line of Arbonne products at the age of 50. I had dark circles around my eyes, the skin was becoming dry and creased.

Immediately upon my first use of the eye cream I could feel a difference. The cream is instantly absorbed into the skin, you can feel a freshness and see the moisture in your skin improve. I was very impressed. After a short time of use you will see that you will not need to use concealer and that your make-up will literally glide on. Crease marks will disappear. I have tried virtually every national chain store brand as well as high end brands and none work as well as Arbonne.

It is just the boost you need to look and feel better about yourself. And I mean it, you will not only see a difference but feel it as well. The eye cream combined with the use of the RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser (which leaves your face amazingly clean and soft) and the Restorative Day cream has given me back my youthful glow.

Now at the age of 52 I can look in the mirror and see the vibrant person I am on the inside, show on the outside. And, a little goes a long way. The products last a long time.

– Donna Clinton, Brooklyn, NY


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