Did you Get Done What Needed to Get Done in 2011?

Are you still waiting for the right time? The right people? Or, the right place before you can begin living your life to its fullest? If so, your 2012 may be just as unfulfilled as your 2011. Starting planting the seeds for a prosperous new you, today.

What more do you really need than you?  What hidden desires and dreams have you been ignoring?

  1. Sit still with yourself.
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Write down the things you want to do, the types of people you want to meet and the exciting experiences you want to discover in 2012.
  4. Don’t edit anything that comes up in your writing because these are your dreams and your desires.
  5. Post this list someplace where you can’t miss it.
  6. Believe it and claim it.

It is very important that you live in the moment so you can see when opportunities crop up.  Dreams and desires will remain unfulfilled if you are not present to the world around you.

Be awaken to the people you meet.  Open up to others and express an interest in them. You never know who might have an opportunity that excites you or what you may have that inspires them.

Don’t let fear stop you from exploring new interests. Join the gym, participate in a meetup or church group. Always remember that fear is borne in thought and can rob you of time well spent enjoying your life.

Stop waiting for the right time, the right people or the right opportunity, start living and meeting the right people, the right opportunity, right now!

The Sistas Working Arbonne are committed to serving others by providing  pure, safe and beneficial skin care  and wellness products, as well as a wonderful business opportunity.  We all deserve to live healthy and prosperous lives!

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