Stop Looking and Start Living

Do you really believe if you acquire a better job, a mate, a nicer home, a fancier car you will feel fulfilled? Do you think you need things to be happy?

Ok, so let’s say you do get these external things, then what? You may be content for a moment, but none of these things outside of yourself will ever be enough. Sooner or later you will begin to look outside yourself once more.  This will be repeated over and over.

Live your life knowing that you are enough.

In order to believe you are enough, you must feel your Creator’s Spirit flowing through you right here, right now. Know that your life force energy brings passion, energy, and enthusiasm to your mind, body, and spirit. Feel alive. Be willing to believe that your truth, your love are deep inside. Know that you are enough.

In your stillness, be open to receiving guidance, strength and direction which will enable you to live in each moment. When fear crops up and when you start to think that you are not enough, please see the truth in this lie.

May you always remember, that you are strong, capable and worthy. In faith, ask for and believe you will receive all help available to you, visible and invisible.

Say this many times throughout the day, “I am enough” – and so it is!


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