Are You Dreaming Big?

Are you dissatisfied with everyday living? What are you doing that stops you from becoming your true you? Do you realize that you could be the one responsible for distracting yourself from your dreams? That’s right you.  NOT people, places or things!

When we put a limit on what we will do, we put a limit on what we can do.

Stop negative self talk. Tell yourself each and every day that you are worthy, deserving and capable. Repeat it as many times as you have to. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Be your own best friend.

Make time for the things that are important to you. It is so easy for us to focus on the needs of others that we tend to shortchange ourselves. Remember: you are just as important as the next person.

Tap into your God-given talents. They are there, waiting for you to discover them.

It is so important to let go of false beliefs about ourselves. If we don’t see the truths that these negative beliefs are false we will continue to live an unfulfilled life.

Practice these new beliefs: I am worthy, I am deserving and I am capable.

Start living as if you believe these new beliefs even if you don’t yet believe them now and watch them come to pass.

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