Listen to the Sound of Silence

Is your mind driving you crazy!

Are you unable to control the insane chatter going on in your head?  Do you make hasty decisions based on this noise? Do you feel compelled to take action and to do something right away?  Or, are you able to sit still and watch your thoughts no matter how bizzare they seem?

Practice Being Still to Stay Sane

A few minutes of stillness each day can help reduce anxiety and blood pressure; boost the immune system; and slow the aging process. Meditating regularly, at least once per day, will improve your state of  well being; boost our self esteem; increase your attention span and accuracy.  Try this simple technique:

  • Sit in a chair  or other similar surface in a comfortable position.
  • The goal is NOT to rid your mind of thoughts, but to acknowledge them and let them pass.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply. If your mind becomes distracted easily, focus solely on your breath and your body’s response to it.

It takes practice. Start with one minute each day and gradually you will be able to sit longer.  During this holiday season it is very easy to feel overwhelmed.

Relax your body and mind and let your Spirit soar high.


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