What Changes are Necessary in Your Life?

Are you happy, fulfilled and a real blessing to others?
If you answered no, then change is necessary.

Don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t mean the world and it’s people around you need to change. Instead the change has to come from you. If you think your life will be better off if others change, you’re in for a rude awakening.

You will waste valuable time controlling, manipulating and playing the role of the victim to get people to do what you want. Don’t believe the lie that you need people to be way you want them to be in order for you to be okay.

It’s about you today!

If you want change in your life you must be willing to have a transforming experience in your thoughts, your words and in your actions.

  • You want love, then you must be loving. Stop criticizing and finding fault with everything and everybody.
  • You want a sense of well-being, then you must pay attention to what you eat, and the thoughts you have about your body and health. Exercise regularly. Be sure to get the vitamins you need. Meditate.
  • You want greater abundance in your life, then you must focus and be grateful for what you have – not what you think you still need. Whatever funds you receive, receive them graciously.

Simple, but not be easy. But it’s worth the try. You have everything to gain by trying.

Live, laugh and love abundantly!


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