Learn to Love and Embrace Your Looks

When you look in the mirror do you like what you see?

Is there a dynamic woman looking back at you? It isn’t until we discover our inner beauty, can we seriously like the woman in the mirror. It is so important to feel our self worth and to believe in our own greatness. If not, we will settle for mediocracy.

We must let go of old ideas that keep us in bondage. Not being good enough, feeling of uselessness and self pity block us off from our true being.

What Are Your Gifts? Are You Even Aware of Them?

  1. Sit quietly.
  2. Get out a piece of paper and a pen.
  3. Write down your talents, your strengths and the things you are passionate about.
  4. When you are finished, walk proudly to the mirror and read what you wrote.
  5. Internalize it! Believe it! Live it!

You can’t truly love others if you don’t love yourself.

Remember to live, laugh and love abundantly!


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